Spanish english dictionary conjugation

spanish english dictionary conjugation

The imperfect is used to talk about times and dates in flip camera mac os x the kisah 1001 malam ebook past.
It's also used for actions that continued in the past for an civilization iv patch 1.09 unspecified period of time.
Actions that Were in Progress in the Past It's quite common to see the imperfect used to talk about something that was happening when something else occurred.A veces le dolían las manos y las piernas.My professor was tall and had wavy hair.The dogs were two years old when I adopted them.Help our dictionary grow with your comment Feedback, more information, translations Examples diviértete!Download the 10-day free trial to get temporary access to the flashcard builder, English and Spanish grammar guides, number translator, and more.We used to eat lunch together every day.This translation dictionary comes with conjugations for thousands of regular and irregular Spanish and English verbs in all standard tenses.Collins Spanish-English Dictionary for Mac is the perfect resource for serious language learners.Read on for more about these uses of the imperfect.Los perros tenían dos años cuando los adopté.My dad was cooking when I came in the house.La niña tenía 4 años.Sometimes her hands and feet ached.
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The countryside was beautiful.

Eran las tres de la tarde.Diviértete example, do you know more translations for "diviértete!"?It was hot that night.Todos los sábados las mujeres iban de compras.Check out the table of regular imperfect endings below.It is also used to tell time, talk about dates, give a person's age, and describe characteristics, conditions, and feelings in the past.Conjugation is built right into the app, so youll always find what youre looking for easily.I was happy with my new job.