Refx nexus 2.2.1 update

refx nexus 2.2.1 update

More than 150 killer presets are waiting to be discovered in this treasure house of the most up-to-date EDM sounds you will find.
Explore more than 2,400 rich and wide analog basslines, lush pads, cutting leads, crisp pianos, pitched vocals, powerful drums, snappy snares, hand claps, live-recorded conga loops, and guitars.If you are installing Nexus for the first time, we recommend using the latest version.Designed especially for EDM, Dubstep and House producers, EDM Voices 2 will give them something to shout about!In addition to a generous selection of all of the basics, including kicks, snares, claps, FX, cymbals, drum loops, fills, and synths, this pack includes professional vocal hooks and live-played electronic bass loops.Thrilling cinematic sounds at their finest!Volume 2 is loaded with 130 brand new Hollywood-worthy synths, action film and trailer sounds, beautiful piano atmospheres, complex drumloops, moving basslines, epic pads and leads, and energy-packed arpeggios and sequences.After two years of recording and editing these lush, cinematic sounds, this expansion pack is ready for stardom.Featured Nexus2 Expansion - "Trap" To celebrate the release of Moombahton, we are offering Trap at a discount of 50!Created by German music producer and DJ Alan Morris, Volume 2 brings you 151 arena trance sounds that will make your productions gigantic and unique.Christmas Sale Extended Due to overwhelming far cry 1 pc game tpb demand, we have extended our Christmas Sale until Sunday, January 10th 2016.Christmas Sale Sunday, November 30th 2014 It's December again, and time for our annual Christmas Sale!So many devastating sound effects also await you!All loops fit perfectly together and are designed to match your songs time signature and bpm.

This is a must-have for every modern House producer!This one is jam-packed with every sound effect imaginable and is perfect for use in music, trailers, web videos, and as foley FX for movies!Packed with 2,600 samples of pure evil genius and dirty madness, this samplepack is full of devastating synths, thundering drums, wobbling infernos, screaming effects, and multi-loops in three different bpms - 128, 140 and 160 - all precisely cut and delivered in pristine, industry-leading audio.Featured Nexus2 Expansion - "FM" To celebrate the release of FM 2, we are offering FM at a discount of 50!Prepare to bang on the drum all day!Dont miss this gigantic collection available for an unbeatable price!This expansion is available for purchase on the Nexus2 'expansions' page.Christmas Sale - Last Call Monday, January 30th 2017 Due to overwhelming demand, we have extended our Christmas Sale until January 31st 2017.