Project igi cheats codes for pc

project igi cheats codes for pc

Ok done with the colt?
Hint: - Submitted by:.D.Here, you'll see two rooms, in the first room you'll find Medipack and in the second room you'll find Desert Eagle.Deactivate Enemies: It is special agent oso episodes much easier to play the game if you make some changes in the ai files.Now open the weapons folder magic time van morrison and you will see several folders with the names of the guns like ak47 etc.Now, you have two LAW 80, first in the Security building and second in the shelter.Type the following code as given below:.exe" unlimitedammo.g.(it works, which is quit easier than natural).You can also destroy Fuel Containers without using C4, trust me but how!If u kill one soldier, another will appear.It may take a few bullets, but it is good anyway._ Tricks Avoid Tanks 1) In missions "Get Priboi" "Re-supply" b4 entering the base or being seen by any 1 Try to shoot the cameras with dragunov from as far as possible.They will never finish.Solders will NOT shout YOU.Open Medipack in hex editor which you like(I like neo)There will be ammo_ID_medipack change it to ammo_ID_dragunov then save it then open dragunov There will be ammo_ID_dragunov change it to ammo_ID_medipack then save it then run to the game you kill the guy standing.Now, come to main point.e., weapons.
There you'll see two rooms with shutters as their gate.
Qvm" Open it with hex editor program.

Do not use the tanks because game winning eleven 320x240 you would be certainly killed by the enemy.If I found more cheats, I'll submit them for you my freinds.Most secret weapon OF project IGI - I'M going IN really, I discovered IT myself!Now those snipers would be standing like basterds just watching you kicking their buddies' asses.I shoot an sniper on 260m 3 times and hi was moving.If you run directly towards building and not combat the 6 soldiers near truck, they trouble you from ground when you position on 2nd story near the window.Qvm, in folder T80 and Change weapon_ID_T80 to weapon_ID_UZi.Or u can shoot the people in the garage area and the two guards outside there one in the tower and one just to the lower right.Hint: - Submitted by: ahsan hey guys its me!Enter first tunnel, move 5m forward, you'll find 100 ammo of Medipack.MY settings: This is what I do to make the game easier using this cheat.
Th level As soon as you enter Ammunition Storage through Main Gate, you'll see two trucks.
It's name is igitrain.exe(not project IGI 2!).