Never be sick again pdf

never be sick again pdf

The diagnosis: acute chemical hepatitis, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities, and project igi cheats for unlimited health several autoimmune syndromes, causing him to suffer fatigue, dizziness, impaired memory, heart palpitations, diarrhea, numbness, seizures and numerous other ailments.
I have to say that, compared to most Americans, I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle.
This procedure is known to cause injury and even death in some patients.
The allergist administered a diagnostic test called an intradermal test-injecting an allergen into the skin.I wonder if I should get certain tests now when they are prescribed to me at the doctor's office.It is almost impossible to toss everything out of the window and start fresh with a lifestyle that completely contradicts what mainstream culture is telling you.And on and.This is the terrifying aspect of this book.My husband and I cleaned up our act about 7 years ago and we live the positive results daily.I am concerned about out drinking water.And that habits we have formed in this society since our earliest childhood are going to kill.
One day Raymond Francis, a chemist and a graduate of MIT, found himself in a hospital, battling for his life.
Thus the author went on to fight for his health.

Things fell apart for him at age 47 when his health began to fail.I have seen the results of correct eating up close.We put things in our mouths and feed things to our kids that compare to going into a chem lab or a land fill and ingesting those poisons.I try to walk 4 or 5 days a week.Why do people get sick?In the next year, Francis would suffer a multitude of autoimmune syndromes, including thyroiditis and lupus.
Using Six Pathways to Health, Francis explains how we can maintain our health through nutrition, through the avoidance of toxins, through psychology (maintaining emotional balance through physical health (exercise and sensible caution through genetics (our genes are not our absolute destiny, according to Francis.
It provides readers, no matter what their present physical condition, a holistic approach to living that will empower them to get well - and stay well.