Money manager app review

money manager app review

Furthermore, the developers are hands-on and extremely helpful.
Scheduled transactions automatically appear in the Calendar app.IBank also offers tools for easily migrating your data from other financial management tools such as Microsoft Money and Quicken.Now its hard to imagine that world without IGG Softwares iBank.IBank 5 offers quick and comprehensive access to all your financial information.Plus, it works with all currencies.I found the budgeting tools to be excellent and, if you choose to use the envelope method, simple, when necessary, to pull money from one envelope so you can put vsphere client integration plugin it another.IBank 5 organizes your banking data in a way that makes it easy for you to quickly assess your current balances.Quicken as the mainstay of personal finance apps would have been unimaginable.Direct Access (5 per month, 13 per quarter, or 40 per year which connects directly to your banking institutions using your authentication information and downloads transactions directly into iBank.For a full list of changes, see the Money Manger Ex release notes.If your bank account is setup to use bill pay features you can use iBank 5 to pay your bills, with the added benefit that iBank 5 will first check to make sure that the transaction will not cause an overdraft.Lets put it this way; I had 11 bank accounts and an investment account set up and all transactions imported in less time than it took to boil a pot of coffee water and steep a press pot.Theyre just a kitschy addition to the app.How easy is it to get iBank 5 up and running and so you can start tracking your current financial status?
So, for example, if you share an account with someone but dont want the money in that account to be included in your total net worth, you can easily exclude.
IBank offers a number of ways to make it easy to stay on top of your bills and to get them paid.

Do not look any further.A Library list at the left of the apps main window shows a list of your accounts, provides a basic set of reports, and tools for creating budgets.Mint bill pay services provided by Intuit Payments Inc.Each transaction that appears in the list and for which youve supplied a category displays a small image representing the type of transaction youre looking.The reporting on offer is impressive, and the ability to run the program from a USB drive means it's easy to take with you and update your finances from another computer if necessary.Facebook page or our, twitter feed).A summary displaying how much money you have and how much you owe appears at the bottom of the list.My husband and I use it to track all our expenses and income.We generate our household accounts and budget using this fab app.So a grocery purchase has a small grocery basket next to it and a gasoline purchase has an image of a fuel dispenser next.
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Fortunately iBank is a pretty quick study, capable of matching future transactions from the same vendors to the categories you originally mapped them.