Minecraft ps3 mini game map

minecraft ps3 mini game map

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Map Description : Minecraft PS3 MiniGames Map!

Follow me on Twitter, wanna Play on my Server?Click this referral link to join!Map Download gtr evolution full game Link(s) :.zip, region(Playstation Only) US, EU, or both : US, image(s) or Video(s) : G, map Creator(s) : Minecraft_AMR87, LiamRoach11OSU, CollinOSU, map Type(s) : MiniGames.The map has a bunch of platforms that you fly between.My PSN friends list is full, I make space every weekend for new subs.This map uses the Elytra wings in Minecraft, the aim of the game is to complete the race if you play by yourself or race against your friends.Wanna be a Curse Partner?
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