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Adjagba beadsespecially older onesare treasured by the park's textbook of community medicine Krobo and worn on important occasions, such as the Dipo ceremony.ADJ ( stiffer ( compar ) export excel to csv office 2010 ( stiffest ( superl ).Pedagogue - A Roman slave who took children to school and on outings, but also taught themfrom Greek ped, "child and agein, "to lead." recant - Can mean "sing again its usual meaning stresses the withdrawing or denying of something professed or taught.Teach is the most general of these terms, referring to any practice that furnishes a person with skill or knowledge: to teach children to write.I can't turn the key the lock is stiff; I woke up with a stiff neck; I felt stiff the day after the climb.The collar has some stiffening.(of a person or his manner etc ) formal and unfriendly.De to teach, enseƱado.Taught academy - Came from Akademos, the man or demigod for whom Plato's garden, where he taught, was named.
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Beads are given an AB finish by passing them through vaporized metal ions.Taught pret pp de teach Want to thank TFD for its existence?But could it be the other way around?Or, using your browser's search function, you can search the entire Dictionary.When Krobo beadmakers created adjagba they may have been inspired by the colorful striped glass beads from Venice that flooded the African market in the 19th century.See Also : Fumed Glass, iris Finish, swarovski Crystal, czech firepolished beads, smallest have AB finish.
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AB finish is widely used on seed beads and bugles; Czech molded glass beads, both smooth and faceted; plastic plain and fancy shapes; and cut glass crystals.