Budget 2013-14 pakistan pdf

budget 2013-14 pakistan pdf

The proposed tax measures are the most important need of the economy.
We owe to our poor families that such a program should continue with appropriate safeguards and should in fact be extended to a larger portion of the target population.
The potential of transformation of Pakistan becoming a regional gateway of international trade is limitless.E federal deficit is projected.1,674 billion for 2013-14 compared to the revised estimate.1,962 billion for last year.The broad themes of our governments taxation policy are (i) taxing those who are not paying any tax, (ii) enhancing efficiency of the tax machinery, (iii) removing anomalies and distortions in the tax system, (iv) simplifying the tax procedures, (v) broadening of the tax base.He has declared that Pakistanis are second to none and that our destiny is nothing but progress.Ban on purchase of new vehicles for Prime Minister office.In the meanwhile, let me make it abundantly clear that all those responsible for inflicting this phenomenal loss on the nation shall be brought to justice.Is also being exempted.There are some urgent but durable steps we are taking that I have announced in the budget to resolve the central problem behind the energy crisis, namely the circular debt.(8)To ensure proper monitoring of taxable activities, the registration of registered persons will be placed in the jurisdiction where its business premises are located.Effective monitoring without human intervention will help introduce a transparent, automatic, and error-free way to ensure proper payment of taxes by these sectors.The key features of this framework are a) GDP growth to gradually rise to 7 by FY 2015-16.If any thing, our resolve to put things right has only strengthened after realization of the severity of challenges we are facing.Accordingly, he has directed that a comprehensive scheme be developed for such youth in government offices, corporations, bodies and authorities at all levels.This levy shall apply on net moveable assets of persons on a given date @.5.We will be using public savings and cheap foreign borrowings to finance deficit and reduce the burden of debt servicing.Is this vision in view that is reflected in our development plan allocation for the water sector.

The reform process was halted with the illegal and arbitrary dismissal of the PML (N) government and as a result, the Tax to GDP ratio declined gradually and is presently the brief penguin handbook pdf at alarming rate.The Zone will be linked with major economic centers in Pakistan as well as neighboring countries.We will also strive to secure the payment of 800 million from the Etisalat that is due for more than 5 years.In this regard profiling of 500,000 persons identified on the basis of financial transactions traced shall be carried out.Back to Top Medium-Term Macroeconomic FrameworkMr.It is the most cherished desire of the Prime Minister that the government must handhold this group of highly educated youth to inspire confidence and assurance in their lives.We will now bring this legislation to fruition by implementing it in letter and spirit, backed by a strong public policy commitment.We will soon sort our issues with IFIs and normal flows will begin to flow in the country.(5)Fee Reimbursement Scheme for Less Developed Areas: Under an existing scheme bright students from less developed areas are provided tuition fee support while pursuing higher education at Masters and Doctorate levels.V.Elimination of borrowings from State Bank will be pursued vigorously.We have also inherited an extensive network of irrigation canals, water courses and barrages and our early leadership had the vision of building such mega projects as Tarbela and Mangla that have enabled us to support our agriculture, so central to our economic life.
Through Gwadar, we hope to make Pakistan a regional center and conduit of international trade, especially with China and Central Asia.