Black ops 1.13 modded patch

black ops 1.13 modded patch

You can't use vstr in BO1 so i used the L-Joystick to Assign buttons to the dpad,its hard to use in the beginning but you will get used.
So if they go and play with a dif friend and get to round 2 and die their record will still be round 1 and watever score they got in ur game.
Black Ops.13 - iHaCk_NiCkE's Zombie Mods.
I worked hard on these mods and they work well in my opinion but please don't edit them!FF BUT YOU will BE banned IF YOU sign AND AND THE mods wont work cause THE normal.13 update patches THE button layout!Only registered and activated users can see links.Weapons: Spoiler : WonderWeapons only drop on certain maps.I have been part of NGU For a While And i Decided To make the best Zombie Mods For Players Without jailbreak and People Stuck On CEX Like ME, i used Notepad To make these mods and you should not get banned however with any.Round 99 is highest u can get on leaderboard round 100 will not give u any record on leaderboard - u cant spend longer than 2hr 59m 59secs on 99 ( or anymap and then die ) or you wont get a record it'll.The colors of the scoreboard onscreen are so you can keep track of what Buttons are Assigned to your Dpad plus it looks cool!If you dont know how to use his editor i can resign i save for bricks games full version you just message me on ngu.Created By iHaCk_NiCkE Enjoy!Downloads: Only registered and activated users can see links.PS3 JB ( for online mods or putting online mods onto ofw ).Download the Files And Extract the blus305911.rar file and you can use xploder or alternative way to Re-asign save The Patch.Page 1 of, next, last.For what i know CFG's have been patched for Black ops so you can use Red-Eye's Mod tool to make your own save with the codes below.
998/1000 gpad0_CM: Spoiler : set gpad_buttonsConfig x bind button_start "god;give minigun_zm;dropweapon;give ray_gun_zm;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give thundergun_zm;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give freezegun_zm;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give sniper_explosive_zm;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give shrink_ray_zm;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give microwavegun_zm;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give humangun_zm;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give commando_zm;wait 20;give tesla_gun_zm;wait 20;give ammo;dropweapon;give rpk_zm;give_g11_zm" bind button_back 999;set perk_weapRateMultiplieR.0001;set perk_armorvest 0;player_sustainAmmo.
And thoughs players cannot beat that record without playing with you or another modder.

Death Machine, ray Gun, thunder Gun, winters Howl.Offline/online OFW/JB campaign/zombie mods, whats going on guys!Ff you cannot "find" games for Downloaded content other than waw maps so if you want to host with friends online u will only be able to host private matches for shangrila, moon,cotd, etc - These Mods work for Dead Ops Arcade - On moon.Ff ANY game you play online and every1 dies ( END OF game ) that'll be your new score / high round on the leaderboard so if u had round 99 before then play and every1 dies on round 1 then your new high round.Explosive Sniper, shrink Ray, wave Gun, vr11.you can use Noclip at the mainmenu by exciting ur chair with L2 n R2 rapidly, then use noclip.Ff just needs to replace the *If you want to use these mods offline for zombies / campaign Then You do not need the patch.Welcome to NextGenUpdate, already have an account?Ff but if u sign online ur account will get banned without the patch.
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Requirements: USB, xploder ( or someway to resign saves).